The Storm Jesus Chapter 1: Avenue Chat Group!

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The Storm Jesus Chapter 1: Avenue Chat Group!

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Bai Xiaofei, male, 24 yrs old.

Was born in HS City, North China, and currently works for a television and film gear business.

Two times ago, he had been abandoned by his gf of a high-profile pupil during the famous movie academy, in which he became an old hanging dog from an ordinary hanging dog!

“Nose twisting twisted vine!”

Bai Xiaofei, that has no gains, patted a keyboard fiercely, along with his face that is angry was!

If some body is unlucky, beverage water and stuff their teeth!

No, I happened to be dumped by my gf 2 days ago, destroyed my wallet yesterday, and played DNF today. We also brushed 50 abyss. I did son’t also speak about the epic. Nima didn’t have even a dog’s attention.

“Xiao Fei, will you be nevertheless playing? It really is very nearly 1 PM, let us go and now have a meal. Today, Brother invites you to definitely consume ramen!” Colleague Chen Bing arrived and patted Bai Xiaofei’s 64cf5c8f 51f8 60c78 acbe63d935a39d3 ac 1533583607 largest - The Storm Jesus Chapter 1: Avenue Chat Group! neck.

“You get first, old destination, i’ve the very last little weakness, simply clean the past one!”

Bai Xiaofei shook their head and stared during the weakness value from the display, his eyes were red. He did not believe it. Today’s last exhaustion, in the event that locks can not be brushed, i shall decisively delete the true quantity and eliminate the pit!

“Well, we’ll use the flooring first, come right here quickly!”

After Chen Bing left, only Bai Xiaofei ended up being kept into the space, in which he passed away utilizing the monster that is abyss.

Bai Xiaofei controls the video game character Demon Emperor, all sorts of coquettish techniques, hell-level abyss monsters, chaotic chaos, a small amount of bloodstream. The device put beside the keyboard instantly rang.

Bai Xiaofei don’t care, and proceeded to perish aided by the monster.

did not think about it, however the phone ended up being crazy want it had been ringing.

You can destroy the monster, however the locks hasn’t dropped one. Bai Xiaofei nearly did not smash the keyboard.

Decisively delete the number, quit the overall game, turn off!

The telephone ended up being thrown crazy, Bai Xiaofei ended up being frustrated, grabbed the device and took an appearance.

The black Pingguo 6Plus screen is filled with prompt communications from a letter circle that is certain.

The first message: some time area Supreme invites you to definitely join the Dadao talk team.

Some time area Supreme invited Qingfeng Daoists to participate the Avenue talk Group, Some time area Supreme invited Lieyang Mansion to become listed on the Avenue talk Group, Some time Space Supreme invited the Proud Supreme to become listed on the Avenue talk Group.

The thick prompt message covered the chat window that is entire.

Bai Xiaofei had been stunned, therefore he was going to stop this strange talk team and head out to locate Chen Bing for lunch.

Abruptly, the device shook and some body delivered a note.

Some time space supremacy: Daoists, the deity has exhausted countless treasures of paradise and earth, utilized the effectiveness of endless some time area resources, and invested vast sums of years to finally establish this opportunity talk team effectively. From now on, everyone else will come together. Barabara. All Daoists collected right here to share with you their experience, additionally the road is anticipated. (accompanied by three expressions that are clenched

Qingfeng Taoist: worth space and time supremacy, power is strong, can in fact break some time space, link me together, appreciate and appreciate! (The phrase of a thumb is added behind)

Lord Lieyang: Ibid! (Plus three adoring expressions)

Proud Supreme: some time space Daoyou, dedication! (Fisting phrase)

Baixue Snow Fairy: some time space are big, require help! (Three kiss expressions)

Ice God: @з™Ѕй›Єд»™е­ђ, my partner, is it possible to never be a fan of cash? (a few unfortunate expressions)

The man whose ID is named “Silver Wolf King”, can not stay it any longer, and jumps down: Hello, you two are enough! This is actually the Avenue talk Group, perhaps not the couple group that is loving! (a number of annoyed expressions)

Fairy Snow: solitary dog, you may be envious, jealous, and hate! (Three furious expressions)

Ice Jesus: It Really Is! And it is nevertheless a lever in a single dog! (a string of contempt expressions)

The brothers associated with silver wolf king instantly stopped doing it: you dare to disrespect our wolf master, do you wish to perish? (N more with bloodstream dagger phrase or bloodstream chopper phrase)

Fairy Snow: You’ve got the capability to bite me personally! (Three disdain expressions)

Ice God: avoid being scared of your lady, We shall protect you! an organization of solitary dogs, maybe not convinced to fight! (a number of mocking expressions)

The master of silver wolves, a dog that is single handle, with a little grouping of small solitary dogs, and snow white ice couple, fought into the team.

The breeze Taoist silently delivered a expression that is nose-plucking indicating it was lively.

Choose your nose +2!

behind a few venerable, supreme, saints, and masters of varied games, all jumped out and begun to frantically display.

“we have always been grass! Emotions are funny!”

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