Supporting seafarers in the frontline of COVID-19

27/03/21 Tuấn Hồ Anh

Supporting seafarers in the frontline of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has put seafarers throughout the world in precarious circumstances. Travel limitations mean some cannot leave their ships, be repatriated house, and even get urgent medical attention. Other seafarers have observed their agreements unilaterally terminated or have now been quarantined up to speed vessels for longer than 2 weeks, without getting compensated.

A lot of seafarers, along with their partners and family relations, have actually reached off to IMO to talk about their issues about a number of difficult circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. (Follow this link for the FAQ that is comprehensive on modifications and repatriation).

IMO has generated the Seafarer Crisis Action Team (SCAT) to greatly help resolve cases that are individual usually working alongside other companies just like the Overseas Labour Organization (ILO), the Overseas Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) and also the Overseas Chamber of Shipping (ICS). Considering that the start of crisis, this committed team works round the clock – contacting representatives from nationwide governments, NGOs, trade unions or appropriate associations, or orienting seafarers towards the best organization, to get solutions. Seafarers and their loved ones can contact the SCAT by delivering an email to

Listed below are examples where intervention that is IMO a distinction for seafarers world wide.

Assisting Seafarers Go Homeward

Repatriated after significantly more than 100 times overseas

IMO ended up being contacted by a fatigued seafarer for a support vessel that is offshore. He and several of their peers had spent 100 times offshore – some had already counted 140 times – without any break with no possibility of crew modifications. The seafarer ended up being concerned because their boss had been intending to expand crew agreements by another 2 months.

“we all have been experiencing the strains of this period that is long specially having no end date coming soon. To numerous of us that’s not good and undoubtedly sets security in the line”, the seafarer penned in a contact to IMO’s Seafarer Crisis Action Team (SCAT).

The SCAT brought the message towards the attention for the relevant NGOs in consultative status with IMO and liaised because of the maritime authorities of this banner and port States worried.

After this quick intervention from IMO, the port State confirmed it might make the mandatory measures to facilitate crew modification whilst the ship was at its slot or terminal, while the seafarer surely could go homeward and become reunited together with household.

Protecting seafarers’ psychological state

A seafarer onboard a call was sent by a container ship for help IMO. Their contract, that has been due in order to complete at the conclusion of March, was in fact extended for the next thirty days. ts dates username The seafarer stated that their business ended up being failing woefully to do something to alter team, also though federal federal federal government assistance made that choice feasible.

As the seafarer recognised which he and their peers are not in a crucial situation actually, he described severe effects on the psychological state. “we now have dishes, all things are ok, however the thing that is main our mental health”, the seafarer told IMO’s Seafarer Crisis Action Team (SCAT) in their very very very first e-mail.

The SCAT referred the seafarer towards the appropriate maritime that is national and trade unions, while additionally bringing the problem to your attention for the banner and slot States worried. This intervention that is diplomatic resolve the scenario, therefore the banner State confirmed it can assist the seafarer along with his agreement and repatriation.

The seafarer and another team user could actually get back house properly in might. The seafarer warmly thanked a SCAT team member for his help and support, writing: “you are really a man with a big heart” in an email.

A seafarer repatriated to assist her susceptible family members

A seafarer that is british hopeless to be reunited along with her household after months taking care of a passenger ship into the Pacific. Her susceptible family relations back required her support when confronted with the pandemic that is COVID-19 and she had been determined become by their part.

But her plan to travel home mid-March had been derailed. Immigration authorities associated with the slot State initially denied authorization to visit, considering that the guidelines have been changed with very little notice. The seafarer ended up being stuck in the ship at anchor without any way of going back house.

She emailed a plea for make it possible to IMO. I am so desperate to get home“As I am sure is the case for so many other seafarers right now. My parents and grandmother are susceptible and I also cannot think of any such thing else”, she stated. The seafarer included she feared the situation would also impact her ability to perform her duties as a bridge officer that her mental health was seriously affected, and.

IMO straight away contacted the slot State and seafarer State and informed the NGOs that is relevant. Those efforts aided resolve the scenario. Due to the efficient cooperation between the neighborhood seafarer’s union plus the slot State, the seafarer had been permitted to travel house.

The next day, she thanked the Organization and the port State for ensuring she could be reunited with her family in a message sent to IMO. “I am relieved and overjoyed become right straight straight back! Many thanks a great deal for the support and help. I will be additionally really grateful to the slot State for enabling us to visit, the process that is whole perfectly handled and controlled”, she stated.

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